Texas Border Collie Puppies for Sale/Working Border Collies/Horse Boarding

Texas Border Collie Puppies for Sale/Working Border Collies/Horse Boarding

Texas Border Collie Puppies for Sale/Working Border Collies/Horse BoardingTexas Border Collie Puppies for Sale/Working Border Collies/Horse BoardingTexas Border Collie Puppies for Sale/Working Border Collies/Horse Boarding

Pip has had her Liter, 1 Red & White Female, 1 Black & White Female, 5 Black & White Male pups 

These pups were Born Christmas Eve





Face has a great bite. Face has produced  RED & WHITE and TRICOLOR puppies. He has the Red Gene in his Genetic make up.  Face has great bllodines. He has Produced over $15,000 in sired pups .



Pip has great courage ! She is agressive and always wants to work. she is Smart and Athletic.

We are taking deposits for her litter

International Sales


To  our Neighbors South of the Border we aren't Fluent Is Spanish but through TEXT messages  we are able to communicate through Translation Apps. We  can assist in getting Health Certificates For Dogs going back to Mexico. 



This pup is   3 1/2  Months old. His Sire and Dam are my  best working pair of dogs. I have started Taking this Puppy to the Barn in the morning exposing him to livestock and things around the Ranch.

Price $600

Registration Papers


We have dogs with grest pedigrees which include lines from Hank. Tony and McCallum bred dogs.

In our McCallum dogs we have line bred dogs for 5 Generations Top and Bottom side of our Dam.

Scroll down to our Registration Papers Photo Gallery.

About Our Border Collies

Pricing for Border Collies



The price of our puppies for sale start at $600.

Some pups based on other factors may be a different price. Please call for Pricing on a litter you might be interested in.

We Accept Pay Pal  (See Bottom of Page)

Working Border Collies


We breed and raise working Boarder Collies.  While we strive to breed dogs that are tough enough to work "Horned Cattle", many of our dogs have been used for everything from Agility Games to Service Dogs to Loving Family pets.

Please check our Photo Gallery  of our working dogs  on Hornred Cattle

Our Border Collie Puppies


Puppy Prep for Their New Homes

When our pups reach Two Weeks old we start a supplemental feeding program of  Gerber Multigrain  Baby Cereal.

At Three Weeks we start adding  A Dog Food  of 27%  Protien  and 17% fat, moistened with  water combined with the  Cereal. They are fed this mixture 2 times a day until they go to their New Homes.

We worm  the Dam at 2  weeks  and the puppies at 6 weeks. We worm the puppies with Liquid Panacure  (fenbendazole)  and they are wormed 3 days in a row to break the Life Cycle of the worms.

At 6 weeks we give the Puppies their first Parvo  Virus shot (5 Way)  Their Booster shots will be due 21 Days following.

We start Socializing our Puppies at 2  weeks after their eyes have opened. We strive to make out Puppies feel Safe and Secure  before leaving for their new homes.

Stud Service

Murphy Patton


Murphy is our Number 1 working dog.

We feature him in the videos on our page. Murphy has got lots of Grit and lves to work.



While Not formally trained Buck is used to help "Dog Break" new cattle. Buck has great Bloodlines and on his Dam side he is Line bred McCallum 5 generations back.



The Stud Fee is $800. We will keep and feed your Bitch for her heat period. Once the Bitch accepts the Sire we breed her every other day until she no longer will accept him. 

We are open to other arrangements to Bitches with exceptional Bloodlines and working abilites.

"We accept PayPal see bottom of page"

Murphy Patton Around the Stock Tank

 Murphy moving cattle between creek bottom and pasture. 

Murphy Patton

Gathers from back of Barn  then works cattle till they go through Stripping Chute gate


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